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Receipt of Contract
All Settled Conveyancing
  • We Search Landgate for property ownership in the first instance.
  • We contact the seller’s or buyer’s solicitor and notify them that we are acting for you
  • Before the due date, you execute any building, pest or other inspections that you included in the contract and notify us of the results.
  • Arrange the contract is proceeding to settlement finance prior to due date and notify us of:
    • who is financing
    • which branch
    • contact details
    • tell us if you are refinancing another property
    • loan details and your contribution
Going Unconditional
All Settled Conveyancing
  • If inspections were favourable, we notify the seller’s solicitor that the conditions were met
  • Notify agent that the contract is proceeding to settlement
  • If all the conditions have been met, the contract is proceeding to settlement
  • You liase with financier to ensure that the mortgage documents are signed by you and delivered back to them as soon as possible.
Approaching Settlement
All Settled Conveyancing
  • We obtain and check the rest of the searches required
  • If your financier requires additional searches, we notify you of the cost and then obtain the searches for them
  • Work with financier toward correct provision of funds for settlement to occur
  • Prepare settlement figures with relevant parties
  • Arrange settlement time and location with your financier and seller’s or buyer's solicitor
  • Advise financier of cheque details for settlement
  • Receive correspondence from us and if required, complete and sign Information Statement and return it to us immediately
  • Work with your financier to ensure they are ready for settlement ,have no outstanding issues and documents correctly signed and received by them
  • Forward balance of settlement monies to be paid to seller, stamp duty and fees by way of bank cheques or electronic transfer as directed by us.
Before Settlement
All Settled Conveyancing
  • Advise you of the cheque details required at settlement
  • If required, you arrange bank cheques for settlement, stamp duty and our fees and get them to us
All Settled Conveyancing
  • Generate stamp transfer document
  • Attend settlement on your behalf
  • Send letters to confirming settlement to agents and relevant parties
  • Remit stamp duty to Office of State Revenue
Post Settlement
All Settled Conveyancing
  • For cash purchases, lodge Transfer at Landgate
  • Notify you in writing with details of settlement figures.
  • Receive letter and tax invoice for our work
  • Enjoy your new property!


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